An experienced corporate and small business executive providing top management with an unbiased and non-political peer with whom to test ideas and discuss managerial effectiveness


A Member of the Siebrand-Wilton Associates Family of Companies, Since 1986

S-WA's Executive Coaching provides business executives an opportunity to discuss ideas and directions with a peer level executive, in a confidential and unbiased environment, for such purposes as:

§  Strategic planning

§  Business redirection

§  Performance assessment and management succession

§  Reorganization

§  Product development

§  Financial alternatives

§  Policy change

§  Communications and public relations support

The Principal of S-WA's Executive Coaching practice is a management consultant and corporate executive with extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, together with advanced graduate education. Additionally the Principal serves on a number of corporate and professional association boards of directors.

S-WA's Executive Coaching practice is affordable, and can assess and support your business objectives, professional development and personal effectiveness throughout Greater Metropolitan New York City, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Southeastern Florida.

For more information on S-WA's Executive Coaching practice, please contact:

Practice Leader


P. O. Box 193, Rocky Hill, NJ 08553-0193

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